July 22, 2024

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Content on OPRM includes Internet poker news, online cardroom reviews, and poker strategy content for web based poker players who play for cash. The Internet poker industry is a volatile, ever-changing business, and being familiar with the headlines that relate to playing for cash online is more important now than ever before. You can count on "Online Poker Real Money" or "OPRM.com" to be the leading brand offering news to this specific niche audience.

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Online Poker’s “Black Friday” and Its Effects on the Internet Poker Landscape

April 15th, 2011 was a dark day for online poker players in America, for more reasons than one. Yes, American players lost access to their player accounts and their favorite poker rooms, but the greater impact has been on Internet poker resources. Poker sites and forums are suffering. Traffic is low, content is old, the sites themselves stale, and some even hosting dead links.

In light of the changes brought about by Black Friday, OnlinePokerRealMoney.com plans to provide an oasis of unique and up-to-the-minute information for all things online poker related.

If you’re looking for advice about how to win more money playing Texas hold’em on the Internet, then OPRM.com is the brand to look to.

If you’re looking for the latest rumors about the future of Internet card playing, then OPRM.com is the brand to look to.

If you’re looking for information about services catering to Internet poker players, then OPRM.com is the brand to look to.

The OnlinePokerRealMoney.com Promise

Internet poker players are looking for specific things from a poker information site. OPRM promises to offer some of these specifics.

Suggestions for Where to Play Internet Poker for Real Money

Depending on where you live, you might have trouble finding an online cardroom which will let you play for real money. For example, many web cardrooms no longer accept real money poker players from the United States. OnlinePokerRealMoney.com specializes in providing information about where to play online poker real money games no matter where you live.

Funding Information and News

After Black Friday, sensible poker players care about which methods of depositing and withdrawing funds are safe and secure. If you’re an online poker player with money tied up because of a frozen bank account, then you understand why such things matter more than anyone. Our readers are responsible adults. They value their freedom. They want to make sensible decisions about their funding choices, and the information on this site is meant to help them make those decisions.

Legal and Illegal Poker Information

The legal situation related to Internet poker isn’t just changing in the United States, but things are changing rapidly in the USA. Some states are legalizing Internet poker. The cases against Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars are working their ways through the court system. Lobbying efforts continue. OPRM promises to keep you up to date on those legal challenges and changes. If you need to know more on legal poker rooms for US players, then visit www.legaluspokersites.com

But OnlinePokerRealMoney.com doesn’t limit itself to just reporting on United States poker law. You’ll also find news and information about changes in the laws in other countries as they relate to online poker. The world has over 200 different countries, each of which offers unique legal situations related to cash-based card games and gambling. Changes in those legal situations are newsworthy, and you can count on our brand to bring you the latest and most accurate information.

Who We Are, What We Do

OnlinePokerRealMoney.com is exactly what the name says. We want casual visitors to know who we are and what we do right from the start. Rather than make money sending you to poker sites that pay us to advertise for them, we want to build up our own loyal team of poker fans by connecting them to sites we trust, sites that we play at, and sites that are unlikely to owe them money due to being shut down.

Let our poker wisdom be your poker wisdom. How hard is it to find unbiased details on poker online? It’s much too difficult, and this leads to much chin-scratching and gnashing of teeth among poker players. Months of frustration have left poker players the world around with a rash and a bad taste in their mouths toward real money online poker play.

Look to OPRM.com for reviews of the best online poker sites where you can play poker online with real money. Soon, we’ll have lists and information on legitimate poker sites, what countries do and don’t restrict play at those sites, the best promotional and bonus deals, and everything else a poker player who wants to spend real cash could want to know.

The Future of Real Money Online Poker

For an idea of what the future of online poker worldwide could look like, look at what is happening in Nevada. It looks like online poker is going to be fully regulated within that state’s borders. According to gaming insiders in Nevada, online casino gambling will be next. Wagers on sports and horse racing can’t be far behind either.

The goal of these regulations is to ban offshore poker sites and move online gaming in-country or in-state so that local governments can benefit from tax revenue.

Other countries and territories are along for the ride. Italy is moving towards regulated online gaming and poker nationwide, with Germany and Spain close behind.

Can the United States pull off something similar? We at OnlinePokerRealMoney think so.

There is talk of intra-state regulation all over the place, including in Washington, DC where real progress has been made toward full regulation of online gaming. The worldwide economic downturn is actually good news for online poker fans who want to play the game they love with their hard-earned cash - governments need income, and poker players need a place to practice the sport they’ve grown good at.

The way it is now, all gambling revenue from American players is leaving the country untouched. A handful of American-friendly poker sites still operate offshore to counter the UIGEA law passed 5 years ago. That UIGEA legislation was tucked inside a can’t-fail anti-terrorism law that had far more to do with safe industry in the post-9/11 world than online gaming.

What will it take to counter-act such a nasty law?

Time will tell. Hopefully, it will look something like what’s going on at the state level across the USA.

What will happen to American poker players without more regulation? They will eventually be squeezed out of the market entirely. Some players, those who make a career of playing poker online with real money, will be forced to leave the country altogether, a prospect the American government can’t possibly be excited about.

What Else You Can Expect from OnlinePokerRealMoney.com

OnlinePokerRealMoney.com will be a clearinghouse for all things online poker: news, reviews, details, inside information, and advice on playing the game we love to play.

OnlinePokerRealMoney.com will host material from guest writers, people who have paid their dues in the online poker world, maintained player accounts through the darkness of Black Friday, and those poker pros who want to help other gamblers find legitimate action.

OnlinePokerRealMoney.com will not grow stale. Too many sites are live right now studded with outdated information, dead links, and promotional offers that have long since fallen by the wayside.

OnlinePokerRealMoney.com will give us the opportunity to share what we know with our online poker family.